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Welcome to my blog, as most of you know I was diagnosed with Bone Marrow Cancer in July 2008, after 6 months of treatment with Chemo and Steroids my cancer has reduced tremendously, I have now had a stem cell transplant which will keep the cancer dormant for longer, my stem cell treatment started on January 5th with Chemo and I had the transplant in March. I am now home but having to take life very slowly while my cells build up, I will be back to hospital several times over the next few months for blood tests and treatment.
Please feel free to pass this address to anyone and to add comments and join in to help keep me sane (or is it too late for that).
Thanks to all at Royal Liverpool Hospital who have made this year possible, and to all the staff who have worked so hard to eventually harvest the cells and the wonderful staff on the transplant unit, A special thanks to Jamie who is as daft as me when I need humour but an absolutely fantastic support from day one (shame he and most of the staff support LFC but I can't hold that against them).

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16 November 2009

R.I.P. Diane 15th Nov 1958 - 16th Nov 2009

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that my friend Diane died in Walton Hospital early this morning. Diane was admitted back to hospital in the early hours of Friday morning (13/11/09)
Where do I start, Diane has been a great friend for many years, I can't remember a time leaving Diane without a smile on my face and I am sure any of you that didn't know Diane but have read her blog comments will know what I mean.
Di has been a fantastic support to me since I was diagnosed with cancer in July 2008, since then we have supported each other. Diane could truly say to me "Been There, Done That" and when people say "I know how you are feeling" Diane did.
If you want a smile have a look back at my blog and see some of Diane's comments.
In July Diane completed the Cancer Research race for life, her sponsor page made over £1000 towards cancer research, this was Diane all over, doing something for others.
On Saturday evening I went to see Diane with Fr Tom and Frances, Diane was unconsious but comfy and looked very peaceful.

My Blog has been a great support to me but now with my best blogger no longer with us it seems a suitable time to close my blog and the right way to pay my respects to my friend. Thanks Diane and thanks to all who have looked at my blog or contributed.

I will leave you with a quote from Diane:-

You and your bloggers are true friends and I thank you so much for sharing your support with me. As you know it is the expectations of others that help you to be positive. Thanks again, Diane xxx

(Please feel free to leave comments on this page as I will keep checking it and will pass any messages on.)


Rest In Peace my friend.

14 November 2009

Diane in hospital

Diane was rushed into hospital yesterday with complications, Diane has had many battles to face and because of that she is finding it hard to fight the problems, Di is in high dependency at the moment and is Unconsious.
Please hold Diane in your thoughts and prayers along with her husband and boys Mike, Richard and Tom.

8 November 2009

From Diane

I'm feeling ok so I will go with that at the moment. You and your bloggers are true friends and I thank you so much for sharing your support with me. As you know, it is the expectations of others that help you to be so positive, so keep it coming to us all. Thanks again. xxx

4 November 2009


We are in Barcelona at the moment (Tue/Sat).
We are all capable of sitting around waiting for things to happen or we can make them happen, we have done quite a bit of site seeing with Sagrada Familia being my favorite ( possibly my most favourite building in the world). Back at the hotel now, I need a rest, (the walking stick helps but there are limits and I keep reaching mine).
If you want to do something do it and enjoy it, we are.

Click on the link and have a look at the Barcelona Photos

2 November 2009

News about Diane

Diane came out of hospital last week and from all accounts is doing well after the removal of a tumor on her brain and in true Diane style is fighting it with a very possitive attitude and a smile.
There will be trips to Clatterbridge soon for a continuation of the treatment but so far so good.
Keep your thoughts and prayers focused for Diane please.

23 October 2009


I have been to see my GP today and he is happy with my blood and water tests. I do have a water infection but that should be sorted with Cefalexin antibiotics.

22 October 2009

Visit to the doctors

I was at my GP's on Monday for my flu injection (not sure if I should have the swine flu injection yet). Just to add to the excitement I also have a water infection, I have a doctors appointment on Friday morning for the results and for a health check.

Please all think and / or pray for Diane today as she is having her opperation to remove the tumour on her brain.

15 October 2009


I know some of you know Diane and those who don't probably feel that they do because of all her blogging and support for me.
Unfortunately Di has had some bad pains and after several scans it has now been confirmed that she has 3 brain tumors, Diane has a large tumor which will be opperated on next Thursday and 2 smaller tumors that will be treated with radio X rays (not Radiotherapy).
Diane has been through a lot medically over the last few years and wins every time.
I know you probably don't all believe in praying, but a few words in the right direction will make all the difference at the moment.

10 October 2009

4 Months

I saw the top man at clinic on Friday, he doesn't want to see me again for 4 months, in my eyes that says things are going to plan. I am still waiting for one blood result but with the other blood tests and my liver and kidney tests being good he doesn't expect any problems.

7 October 2009

Blood test

I have been to hospital today, I have had all the results apart from the protein which takes a few days. So far so good, they are all in the acceptable area. Just waiting for the final one, hopefully Friday.

4 October 2009

Good weekend

Have had a good weekend, as always at the moment I do feel back pain but I can cope with that with pain killers.
I laughed in the middle of the night when I tried to get out of bed, the only way was to swing my legs out and use the bedside cupboard to get up, once I was up I was fine.
If this pain is there for the rest of my life LONG MAY THE PAIN CONTINUE.

29 September 2009

Walk and Swim

Avi and I went to the zoo for a walk on Sunday, Its hard walking but the zoo is great because you can easily stop for a rest just using the animals as an excuse. I walk with my trusty walking stick, couldn't manage very well without it but if it means getting around it's worth it.
I still continue to swim because it's a lot easier on the joints, it's still hard but getting there.
My next trip to the hospital is next Wednesday for blood tests followed by clinic on Friday 9th for results.

24 September 2009

Out at The Stag

Thanks to all who came to The Stag tonight, it was good to see you.
It was also good for those wanting to put faces to names.
Shame we missed the Jazz band, they were taking so long setting up, I think it will be last orders before they start.

Past, Present & Future (posted by Mick)

I haven't written in this blog for a while - I must get back into the habit of regular postings. I would welcome some feedback - so if you are reading this please comment.

I recently saw this sign outside a Church:
'Yesterday is the past,
Tomorrow is the future, and
Today is the present - a gift from God'

How many of us spend too much time worrying about something that we have done and wishing we could turn the clock back and do it differently, or spend hours planning what we are going to do tomorrow, or the next day, or next week - when we don't really know what tomorrow is going to throw at us. This, quite often, gives us very little time to enjoy the present - the things that we actually have some control over.

So when you wake up in the morning say to yourself - "This is the first day of the rest of my life, I am going to make the most of it." Enjoy the day, with all of it's pleasures & opportunities, and take things slowly - make the most of the present - that gift from God.

20 September 2009

Bloggers Night Out

Just a reminder to anyone interested. An open invitation to anyone wishing to join us for a meal and / or a drink at The Stag on Thursday evening. We are meeting at about 6.30 for those who fancy a meal or anytime later if you just fancy joining us for a drink.

14 September 2009

Camping Weekend

We went camping at the weekend, staying at a great camp site in Ormskirk. The nights were cold but the daytime weather made up for it.
There is something special about relaxing outside by a camp fire. I am tired today but it was worth it.

9 September 2009

From Diane (race for Life)

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know I had a letter from Cancer Research UK (some of you will also have had something similar) thanking me for taking part in the 2009 Race For Life and that they are hoping the 230 events that have taken place throughout the country will have raised £60 MILLION!!! So reach around and give yourselves a big pat on the back, you deserve it!

Diane xxx

7 September 2009


As some of you know I am having difficulty walking much of a distance without pain, today I have rejoined the Village Health club, they were great and said if I have problems they will put the membership on hold again without me breaking the contract and having to see the year out.
I did my first swim today, I struggled to 8 lengths but pushed to 10 (maybe should have stopped at 8) glad I have been, swimming is much more forgiving than walking and at least I am getting some exercise again. Drugs can only do so much for you, sometimes you have to turn to self help.

4 September 2009

Blood results

Have been to hospital today for my blood results. All were ok apart from the protein result that was up to 5, that isn't high in itself but it is the highest it has been for about ten months, it can be a result of many things but a test in 6 weeks time will show us what the trend is, it has been up to 4 since my transplant but please pray for down next time.

2 September 2009

Hospital Again

I have been back to hospital today for blood tests, I will get the results at Fridays Clinic.
Its been 5 weeks since my last blood test, the longest I have been away from hospital for 12 months.

1 September 2009

Back from South Africa

We had a fantastic time in South Africa. I spent 3 days with my sister in law Renee and my neice and nephew before Averil and Jess arrived and we drove North to Kruger Park to meet up with Averil's mum, dad, brother and family.
We spent 2 weeks in Kruger and then the rest of our time in Sandton near Johannesburg.
The holiday was a great tonic, I am really pleased that I got the clear to travel from the hospital.
I go to hospital tomorrow to have blood taken and then on Friday to get the results. Lets hope they continue being possitve.
See South Africa Photos on the right.

6 August 2009

South Africa

It's been a long time waiting but I am now in South Africa staying with Renee my Sister in law and the Children Katherine and Myles (brother in law Neale is away but seeing him later in the holiday)
I have been here since Tuesday, I am picking Averil and Jess up at the airport on Friday morning and we are driving North to Kruger Narional Park, can't wait.
I probably won't get wifi at Kruger but if there is an Internet cafe I will update the blog otherwise it will be about Aug 23rd.
I know quite a few still read the blog but feel free still to comment, it's good to know you are there.

31 July 2009

Great day on the barge

We had a great day on the barge on the Bridgewater Canal, we were lucky with the weather when you consider how bad it has been over the last week.

29 July 2009

Hair cut

Had my first hair cut since January, all good things come to an end.
I loved it when I didn't have to shave but wasn't too happy with no hair.
Normal is now finding its new level, it looks as though the new normal is stiff joints and sore back but lets wait and see, everything has gone so well so far, who would have thought 12 months ago that we would be off to South Africa next week as a family. Bring it on.

25 July 2009

Bloggers Night Out

It would be good for the bloggers to meet up one night because I know there are several of you who would like to put faces to names.
We are away most of August so I have penciled in Thursday September 24th from 7.00pm, some of us will be taking advantage of the bar food, please come and join us.
Please comment below to let me know if you are planning on joining us. Would be great if a few could meet up.

24 July 2009

Hospital Today

I have been to hospital today for blood tests and medication.
All the blood levels are ok eventhough the neutrofils are again down a little but nor enough to be a worry.
Its all systems go for South Africa on 3rd Aug, I have been given enough medication to cover the unexpected and if that fails I have great insurance. (If anyone needs travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions try FREEDOM TRAVEL INSURANCE they were great).

20 July 2009

Race for Life

Come in Number 53. At long last all you bloggers can put a face to one of my top bloggers, Well done Diane, Di's Race for life page has made well over £1000 for canser research, some of this total is for a friend who also raced, well done to you both.
The bloggers need to meet up after I come back from South Africa, I am thinking of one night in the Stag in September, is anyone up for it.

13 July 2009

What A Difference A Year Makes

Its a year today since I first went into hospital and was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.
Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me/us. Thanks first to Averl, Jess, Joyce, Ann, Mick, Fran and Rach who have all been my major support, Avi has been fantastic. Thanks to all at St James' and Mary Mags for your continued prayers and support. Thanks also in a big way to the rest of our family and friends in the UK, South Africa and around the world and to anyone who has looked at this blog and thought about us or even joined the bloggers.
Where would I be without the national health, thanks to all the doctors, nurses and any member of staff in Royal Liverpool Hospital, especially all linked with the transplant unit, especially Edwina, Sarah and Jamie.
To the future.

11 July 2009


There are some things you just want to do again in life, in a past life I camped a lot with my dad and with friends. Last year we were talking about camping but I had other plans for last summer and ended up in Liverpool Royal. Last week we saw a tent that suited us so this weekend it had its successful maiden outing to Bala.

5 July 2009

Well Done Diane

Today Diane has completed the Cancer Research "RACE FOR LIFE", their work has had a major influence on mine and Diane's treatment, Thanks Di for making the effort.

You can still sponsor Diane.

Message from Diane:-

Just using you yet again Ivan. Please say a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me. I did the race this morning and so far have raised £940 with a couple of donations still to come. So please keep your eye on the sponsor page and hopefully it will continue to grow.

Ivan thanks for rounding things up to £900, what a pal!

3 July 2009

Day 100

It's now 100 days since my stem cell transplant and we are begining to come to terms with what I can and can't manage. At least now we are working out what normal is again.
On Friday Averil took me out for a birthday lunch to Chatsworth farm Restaurant in Derbyshire, lovely meal and a lovely day, I would recommend their food to anyone.
On the way home we called into Buxton and after serious thought bought ourselves a tent, it's something we were thinking about last year and now we have seen the right one.

25 June 2009

Back to Business

After all the fun of last week it's back to medical business.
With our South Africa holiday just over a month away it's time to look at holiday medication. My blood results continue to show improvement with my Haemoglobin up to an above normal 15.4 and my lazy neutrophils at last coming to the party and shooting up a massive 0.5 to 1.7 from 1.2, this is good news as they have been hovering around 1.1-1.2 for too long.
Only one more appointment before Holidays and that's on 24th July.

20 June 2009

The Last Week

Last Saturday Averil's Mum Gail arrived from South Africa, we had managed to keep it away from Jess for several months so it came as a great surprise to her.
We have taken Gail out most days, we have been to The Lakes, Chester Zoo, Bakewell and Chatsworth and finally yesterday to Snowdon and the summit railway.
Today Averil's sister Glyn is being Ordained at Chester Cathedral so we are going to the service.
Gail is going back to South Africa on Monday and will be staying with Glyn until then.

14 June 2009

Doesn't look a day over 25000

It's 30000 days since Joyce (my mum) was born, to celebrate we had a cake.
Happy 30000th day and many more.

10 June 2009


I have been to hospital for another Echocardiogram, it was to check after the fluid on my lung. All seems to be ok and the fluid has cleared, the radiographer was happy with the test but will compare with my last one.
I also had blood tests and they are fine, the neutrophils are 1.2 from 1.00 so are creeping up very slowly.

5 June 2009

71 days

I was checking my diary and it's now 71 days since my transplant and 327 days since myelona was doagnosed, how time flies.
My medication appears to be doing it's job, I do feel tired at times and ache but after all the chemo and the previous damage done it's only to be expected.
Averil has been doing a fine job with keeping everywhere looking great, painting fences and walls and all those jobs she loves (I watch very well).
Looking at days past and days in the future, it's only 59 days to my flight to South Africa. Bring it on!!!!

1 June 2009

Another Hot Day

Hasn't it been a great weekend, I went to Chester Zoo again today (really getting my monies worth out of the season tickets). I couldn't walk far so I went around the zoo on the monorail.

When it comes to keeping cool I think the elephants have the right idea.

30 May 2009


At the moment I find it hard to lift and carry, we are being sensible, Averil keeps an eye on me and does most of the lifting and carrying herself. For instance we were at the dump the other week, Averil was getting heavy bags from the boot and I was sitting watching. Today we went to B and Q for fence stain, Averil carried a large tub of stain and I walked along with a paint brush with people thinking "lazy man".

I feel that I need a label round my neck saying "cancer, can't lift or carry" Mick says I should have one saying "Lazy Male Chauvinist Pig, live with it, she has to".

28 May 2009


Early Blood tests this morning and then a coffee waiting for results, all seems ok, am coming off some of the medication for acid but staying on the rest, giving the water tablets a little longer but they appear to be doing the job. I am having another echocardiogram on the 10th June just to make sure all ok with my lungs after the fluid problem.

26 May 2009

Cancer Research Uk

It's now less than 6 weeks to Diane's "Cancer Research Race For Life". Diane has already been promised £742.00. Thanks to all who have supported her or support Cancer Research in any way.

It's Not Too Late

And thanks Diane too!!!!!!

23 May 2009


Blood results were good from hospital only the neutrophils are a little low at 1.1, the doctor is ok with them still being over 1.00, just looks like I have to stay off the salad a little longer.
Had a good stayover in Leeds, nice to get away for a change of scenary.

20 May 2009

Night out

All going well at the moment, the antibiotics and water tablets seem to be doing their job. I am in hospital on Thursday for blood tests and medication.
For a little bit of therapy we have booked into a hotel in Leeds for Friday night, why not????????

17 May 2009

The good doctor

Sarah I don't know what was in those antibiotics you prescribed but after 48 hours and 5 tablets things are clearing up nicely.
It's good to be breathing better again and not waking in the night, the bruising on my back has gone down too (that's because Avi has stopped kicking me at 3 in the morning when I cough).

16 May 2009

Extra hospital trip

Over the last week I have had some trouble breathing after walking or when sleeping, waking up and fighting more than usual for breath. On Friday morning I phoned the transplant ward and they said to come to clinic. Doctor Sarah sent me for a chest xray and I have fluid on the lungs, (quite a lot looking at the xray) I am now on antibiotics and water tablets with ventalin as backup.
I am already feeling a little better after 24hours, I hope the improvement continues.
The hospital are fabulous, it's was good to see nurse Julie in clinic ( she wasn't too happy with me but only because Man U have almost won the premiership again,).
Must go now, the water tablet is working.

14 May 2009

All good things come to an end

After 6 weeks the razor is out again, shaving every 2 days, it was good while it lasted, maybe the hair on my head will start to grow too.

10 May 2009


Today we went to Jabula, our favourite South African restaurant, its 4 weeks since I came out from hospital and we have been very careful with the food I have eaten, we are very confident with the cleanliness and the standard of cooking at Jabula so knew it would be perfect for a meal out, we were not disppointed.

Have a look at Jabula.

8 May 2009

Blood Results

The stitch came out very well and the scar looks very clean.
The blood counts were better than expected so my medication has changed from nebulizer to tablet form which makes things easier.
Haemaglobin 13.9, platelets 143, White cells 11.8 (a little high) and neutrophils 3.0.
I am next at clinic 2 weeks today.

6 May 2009

Hospital Thu/Fri

I am at hospital tomorrow (Thu) for the Hickman line stitches out and blood tests and there on Friday for blood results and clinic, I have a tickly cough at the moment but not too bad, it's probably because the neutrophils are still low but will wait and see.

4 May 2009

Home to bed

Yesterday we went to Tynemouth on the coast, Avi and Jess went walking but I had done enough on Saturday so stayed in the car reading.
The evening was spent having another lovely meal, I don't know where the time went (maybe the 3.5 hours sneaked off with the wine, I only has 2).
There will definately be a long lie in tomorrow.
Just what the doctor ordered.

2 May 2009

Holy Island

The weather has been fantastic today, we left for the Holy Island of Lindisfarne at about 10.00 ready to catch the low tide at 11.30 to drive across the causeway to the island, we weren't disappointed, what a lovely area of Northumberland, Averil walked a lot and Jess walked and then went down to the water, I did a little walking but at the moment I know my limitations, I could drive up to the castle using my blue badge so that was a great bonus.
We drove on to Berwick and had a good look around the shops before driving back for a lovely meal. The good weather has made it a great day, let's see what Sunday brings.

Please have a look at our weekend photographs.

30 April 2009

Bank Holiday

We are going to Newcastle this weekend to see Mark (my brother) and Jackie.
A trip out to Holy Island of Lindisfarne is planned, we have never been before but it has been recommended by family and friends.

28 April 2009

Hickman Line out

I was in hospital this morning for an Antibiotic nebulizer and the removal of my Hickman Line. The line has done its job getting the drugs in but now we were having trouble getting blood out so it was best to take out to prevent infection. With a little cutting, pulling and stitching it was all sorted. I am glad it has gone.
Next hospital visit is Friday 8th May for blood tests and clinic.

26 April 2009

82 Not Out

Happy birthday mum, we had a great day with friends and neighbours (not that our neighbours aren't our friends), Averil did some fantastic food along with the help of Ann and Fran. We managed to sit outside all afternoon with the chiminea burning well. I know bad weather is on its way but thankfully it stayed away for today.
As part of my recuperation I sat and watched most of the afternoon with the occasional break to add another log.
Have a look at Joyce's birthday album.

24 April 2009

Blood out of stone

Averil and I went to hospital this morning, I went for blood tests and clinic, the Hickman line isn't doing it's job any more, it seems to let fluids in but there was no way blood was coming out so again it was the tried and tested needle in the arm method, thankfully there has never been a problem with my veins so the line is coming out on Tuesday morning, it's done it's job of getting drugs and bloods in so now it's time to go. I am also having another antibiotic nebulizer on Tuesday.

22 April 2009

Silver Lining

Over the last few months there have obviously been some low times but there are always silver linings to look for.
The latest silver lining is not having to shave, it's now 15 days since I had to shave, so as draining as it was to have the chemo WHAT A BONUS. Show me a man who says he enjoys shaving and I will show you a liar.

20 April 2009

Can You Smell It ?

A Busy Day Cooking

19 April 2009

Tatton Park

The weather was so good today that we decided to go to Tatton with Mick and Ann for a BBQ, there is a lovely area near to the water where you can set up.
As you can see, lovely weather, steak, chicken and baked potato, Promise no salad.

18 April 2009


I have been to watch Warrington Town today with Mick and Martin, true to form Town had a good first half leading 2:1. The second half was a different story with the final score being 2:4. Some things don't change, still there is always next season.
As you know I have to stay away from crowds because of infection worries, we thought I would be safe with Towns attendance.

17 April 2009

Friday Day Out

Have been out for most of the day today, Blakemere this morning followed by Costco this afternoon.
I am missing church for a few weeks because of infection risk so Monica brought home Communion for me, it was good because it's been 2 weeks and had missed it over Easter.

16 April 2009

Is Your washing Out

Chimineas have been mentioned a few times on this blog, Most of you know that my friend Mick and I get great pleasure from setting our Bushman Chimineas burning and relaxing watching the flames, for those of you that love or hate them, this Chiminea YouTube is for you.

15 April 2009

Blood Tests

Ann took me to hospital this morning for blood tests ( I can't drive for a few weeks), after messing with the hickman line without getting any blood they decided to use the traditional needle in arm method.
The nurse came back and said the results we ok and then corrected herself saying they were fab so thats good, I am back in on Monday for hickman line dressing and then again Friday 24th for clinic. Its all going well considering that I am not due out yet.

14 April 2009


I am feeling a lot better than I expected to at this stage, I am listening to my body and sleeping during the day when I need to.
I set the Braai going again and cooked outside, the food has to be cooked really well because of bacteria so thats what we do.
The last few days have been great with the lovely weather, enjoy each day.

13 April 2009

First full day home

Had a great Easter Day at home and a nice sleep in my own bed.
Have been out this morning to the garden centre and spent a busy afternoon watching Averil gardening. Now it's time to light the chimenea and get the braai (South African BBQ) going.

12 April 2009

No Vegetables

I am now home and don't go back until Wedneday for blood tests and then the following Friday to clinic. If I should get an infection during the next few weeks I can go back in for a few days.
Because of the risk of bacteria I am advised not to eat salad or fresh vegetables. I really think that chocolate carrots are the way forward.

Happy Easter (Day 21/17)

A day when you think of new life and new beginnings, its sounds like a great day to come home after transplant and a time to look forward.
Thanks all for your support for me and my family, you have been great.
I saw this quote from Mandela and thought it was worth a mention. "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."

11 April 2009

Trip Out

Averil and Jess came at about 3.00 this afternoon and we had a good drive out to Otterspool Prom.
I have just had some blood tests and if they are ok and my temperature stays down I will be discharged in the morning, the bed is left for me for a couple of weeks because quite often there are infections and down days, each day at a time.

Nice Day (Day 20/16)

Looking out this morning, the weather looks good, I might be able to go for an hours drive with Averil later for some fresh air.
They have forced a full English on me for breakfast, it would have been rude to say no.

10 April 2009

Broken or Condemned

100th Blog (Day 19/15)

When I started this Blog in January I never thought it would get to the stage it has with so many looking at it, thank you.
I have found that an important part of getting through the last months has been motivation and goals.
The photo shows 2 chairs that were on the ward I was on in July 2008, I decided to be the broken blue chair not the condemned red one. One was on its way out, the other would be ok after some time and effort.

9 April 2009


I have been down to the cafe with Averil, my only worry was how would I feel when I got back after all those drugs and not having walked more than 4 metres for 18 days.
I was pleased when I got back because I didn't feel breathless or tired (will probably sleep well tonight).
If all my counts stay up it looks as though I will be coming home on Monday but that does depend on my platelets holding their own, apparently they are usually the last to get moving, if they do drop it will be more platelets and wait and see. Its just good to know that it has gone so well up to now.


Todays blood results show that the Neutrophil count is now 1.4, the hospital wanted 1.00 before I could leave the room so as soon as Averil arrives we can go walkabout for a coffee downstairs.
The Cells have officially grafted.

More Chocolate (Day 18/14)

A few people have mentioned other chocolates to me so I have decided that during the week after EASTER we can have a one week vote which will include the top 3 from vote 1 and the 3 new chocolates. Starts Bank Holiday Monday.
Remember you can swap your choice on vote 1 before Easter if you think your vote will be better used on another chocolate.
Have a listen to this "CHOCOLATE SONG".

8 April 2009

Blood counts

Have had the results from the blood tests and the neutrophils have increased from 0.3 to 0.8 so possibly a walk off the unit tomorrow.
The Hemoglobin count is now 11, the doctor is pleased with that as normal would be about 14.
I am having more platelets this evening as expected as they are normally the last to get moving.

Getting Better (Day 17/13)

I am now virtually pain free in my mouth, not needing pain killers to enjoy a meal.
Now is just a waiting game again, I will be having blood tests soon and then wait for the results later this afternoon.

Its funny in this room because you don't hear the wind or rain and without standing you can't see out, anything could be happening outside.

7 April 2009


My neutrophil count has to come up to at least 0.5 before I can consider leaving the room for a short walk.
Mondays count was 0.1 and todays is 0.3 so we are getting there. It isn't a guarantee that the count will go up again tomorrow but the signs are good.

Strange Taste (Day 16/12)

During the last few nights sleep I have had a strange metal taste in my mouth, one night I even drempt that I was eating small pieces of metal. I have found out that this is one of the side effects of the chemo I have taken.
At the time of medicating the chemo the nurse did mention a metalic smell but I didn't smell it at the time, I DO NOW!!!!!!!!
I had more platelets and antibiotics last night, more blood tests to come this morning and then wait and see.

6 April 2009

Monday (Day 15/11)

I am now feeling that the blood must be doing what it should do, my mouth has been so bad over the weekend that I had to time pain killers with meals, but today I enjoyed breakfast without any and I am feeling better each day.
Blood has been taken this morning so we will have a better idea as to how things are going later.

5 April 2009

New Nurse

After Avi painting the decking this morning the nurse thought it would be good to teach Jess how to check mum's blood pressure.
Thankfully it was fine.

Antibiotics (Day 14/10)

Last night I was put on antibiotics through the drip because my temperature went up to 38.3, I have had 3 lots and they will continue for 48 hours. I didn't feel ill, I think it was Liverpool scoring in time added on that caused it.

4 April 2009

Good Day

Its 5.00pm and I have had a good day, I didn't realize how low I had been until I started to feel better today.
Every bad day is a day closer to a good day. I know there is a long way to go but I am chipping away at it.

Grand National Day (day 13/9)

Last night I felt a little better and more in control, I didn't have my platelets until about 3 this morning so that was a little disrupting but once the line is connected its easy to sleep.
The staff are having a National sweep, I have drawn Rambling Minster.

3 April 2009


After blood tests this morning my blood count is low so I will be having a platelet drip later.

Long Night (day 12/8)

It has taken me a long time to motivate today, as fast as I drink water I loose it, it is expected but so draining.
My brother in law Wayne has just left, he came to see me and for communion. (the congregation was only small).

2 April 2009

cell growth injections

I have just had the first injection encouraging the cell growth.

Fluid levels (day 11/7)

The body is a wonderful thing (yes even mine) Just listen and it tells you what it needs.
The last few days have been strange fluid wise and really quite uncompfortable, I kept putting liquid in and the organs do the rest. Over the last 12 hours my body decided it was time to empty out, (at one stage I was having really silly dreams) during the night I drank to keep levels up and now feel great. No doubt I will have blood tests later to decide if I need extra liquid via a drip but think I will be fine without.

1 April 2009

Early to bed

It's Nearly 7.00pm and thats enough for me, I had a lovely roast chicken dinner (I am well looked after) but am now tired.
The doctor said I should be hitting my low now but lets look on the bright side, I start stem cell growth injectons tomorrow to get things moving.
I am in bed now and ready for the football.

Busy Morning

I have had a very busy morning, I walked to the shower (2 Metres), got dressed, sat down and slept, just been woken for lunch.
Its like a bad attack of flu without being flu. (if you understand that you have done very well)

Wednesday, I think (day 10/6)

Its a strange feeling when everyday seems to blend into the next.
I am again feelng ok, I am still advised that I could well have a down day just around the corner but intil then I will try to find the good ones.

31 March 2009

Visitor goes missing

Ann and Jean (eventually) came to visit today, not the most difficult instructions Jean, Through the door, pass the reception and sit down!!!!!! so why was it through the door, turn right, sit down and wait till security find you in the Ambulance waiting area?????????
Good to see youXXXX

After a good sleep (Day 9/5)

A good nights sleep did me the world of good, I have a very dry mouth but can live with that for the short term.
Will see how the day goes and let my body tell me what to do next.

30 March 2009

Drugs Kick in

Today is the first day off the drip, No chemo, no steroids, glad that part is gone now but as the day goes on I can feel the tiredness hitting me and the day time passing by, I was told earlier today that I probably wont feel like blogging by Thursday/Friday (Watch this space) if there are no blogs you will know I am under the weather.

Trouble Sleeping (Day 8/4)

A week into treatment and now I am starting to have trouble sleeping, No its not because of Chemo or steroids its this new game called Bejeweled2 that Ann and Mick suggested I downloaded for my iPod, I am trying to better Ann's high score but have only got a third of the way there yet.
Joking apart, my mouth has really started to dry up and eventhough I am on a really strict mouth regime with at least 4 aplications a day it has started to make its presence felt, the good part of this is that the staff have confirmed that this is expected and does show that the drugs are doing their naturally expected job.

29 March 2009

Sunday (day 7/3)

I hope you all managed with the hour less last night or just had a lie in this morming, I was up at 7.00 for the F1 woken on request by the nurse, different staff last night but all fab.
I am now on my last steroids this morning and that should be it for drugs via the drip. I will have cell boosting injections later next meek to help the stem cells.

28 March 2009

An Hour Less In Bed

Just a reminder that the clocks go forward at 1.00am Sunday.
An hour less in bed, how will I cope, think I will have a lie in.

The Bathroom (day 6/2)

To complete the tour of my home we have the bathroom, shower, loo and basin, all nice and simple with a shelf full of bits and bobs mainly for oral care.

Last night about 10.00 I was in bed and feeling as though the steroids of the morning were really kicking in, so a quick check over with an anti-sickness tablet and a cup of tea and all was ok for a good nights sleep. Its steroids this morning and Sunday morning so lets get those doses out of the way and take it from there.

27 March 2009

The Stem Cells

They are all in now, 16 bags of my own stem cells back where they belong. It will take about 14 days +- for the cells to find their way home, no one seems to know how, but they do, so we will go with that!!!!!!!
Its now the waiting game, I will probably feel a lot worse over the next few days and then start to improve when the cells settle down.

Days in and chocolate vote. (day 5/1)

Its about 7.00am on hospital day 5, in hospital speak its day 1 because its day 1 after transplant so for blog speak I will be calling it day 5/1 and so on for future days. (simple)
As the F1 season starts I see that the race on the chocolate vote is getting close as at the time of writing 3 chocolates are all in poll with 8 votes. You can change your vote at any time if you find you feel your vote might be better used on a different chocolate as we enter this final 2 weeks, I see that most of you bloggers are girls, how can I tell? "YORKIE IS NOT FOR GIRLS " and only has one vote. (you can tell that I am feeling fine this morning, if I was feeling off colour I don't think I would be doing chocolate talk at 7.00am).
Have a good day all, I think I will have a day in today and wait round for some more stem cells.

26 March 2009

It looks wet outside

I have finished having todays steroids and stem cells put back, more tomorrow morning.
Looking outside I think I am better off where I am.
It is only to be expected but today my get up and go has got up and gone. They say the next few days will be a steady fall until probably at a low early next week.
Tomorrow is another day.

The View from the bed

This is what the other end of the room looks like, just think, you still have the bathroom to look forward to.
I am waiting for steroids now and later the stem cells.

Transplant Day

I had a really good day yesterday with no problems, the only thing was that I felt ready for bed earlier than usual, still had tea and toast at about 11.00pm while Sister Julie was laughing at YouTube with me.
Today is transplant day, the stem cells are put back in via a drip, I have no idea how long that will take, I just know that it is due to start early afternoon.

Funny YouTube for anyone who has been a child or is a mum or both (think that covers everyone)(thanks for the link Joanne)
Funny Mum YouTube

25 March 2009


A Large and a small syringe of chemo (they both look large to me).
It took 7 mins to pump the life changing drug in.
What a difference a day makes!!! What a difference 7 minutes can make!!!!!!
Lets see what the next few hours bring, I have been told I should have felt sick and light headed straight away, me, nothing yet but I am sure it will come.

They are just taking the P

Again I have been encouraged to drink and have had 1.5 litres of fluid by mouth and have also been given 3 litres of liquid by drip, then I was given an injection to make me go to the loo (and it works).
I am waiting for the chemo now, its expected about 12.30.

Chemo Day

Last night at about 11.00pm the sister Julie came in suggesting a late supper because I wouldn't feel like food later today, She is great, some people are just made for the job.
I slept with 2 pipes pumping drugs into me, (not easy showering with 2 pipes attached to your chest and a drip stand outside the cubicle).
The chemo later is fast acting and only has a usable life of an hour so has to be administered over a 20 min period, should be fun.
I am now waiting for room service to bring my full English.

24 March 2009

Syringe driver

I have just had this new toy fitted to the Hickman line, this is a 24 hour flow machine fitted with a drug to help prevent me feeling sick, its on a very long pipe so I can leave outside the shower but still administer the drug, clever stuff.

Hickman Line

I have just got back from having my Hickman Line inserted, it was a little uncomfortable with pushing and pulling but not much pain. the Hickman is a pipe inserted under the skin to the jugular vein, there are 2 pipes coming from my chest to make the flow easier when having chemo or other drugs in, or blood out. Click here for Hickman Line Information

Nil by mouth

I am up and waiting for my hickman line to be inserted, its been nil by mouth since midnight, I am expected to go to theatre early this morning but haven't got a time yet.
Its funny how the mind and body work, at the weekend it was "not more water" and now its "can I have a drink please".

23 March 2009

Monday 3pm

I wasn't in isolation as long as I thought, I have been out for a walk around the hospital grounds and to the coffee shop, I can't go out from midnight tonight so I thought I would get the last smell of the outside before lockup. (it smells better inside).


I am in, if you need me you know where I will be for the next few weeks, I will be in this 3 metre by 5 metre room called home. I will put other views of the room on the blog on future days, I don't want to spoil your excitement with showing everything all at once. My room is facing towards Warrington so no view of the river.
Ann brought me this morning at 10.00 and since then I have had blood tests and lots of questions. Lunch was Sausage roll with tomato and basil soup, lovely.
I will be having a Hickman line fitted tomorrow morning ready for the chemo and steroids later in the week. The chemo starts on Wednesday, if I am not bald now I am sure I will be soon.

22 March 2009

The time has come

Well that's it then, hopefully I will be in tomorrow at 10.00 to start this next step of treatment, I am sure it will be successful, my previous treatment has gone very well so this is the next step.
Please keep checking and commenting, I will try to keep the blog updated daily, I just hope I can get a signal inside the transplant unit.

21 March 2009

Three On The Run

Probably the last game I will go to this season. Trafford 0 Warrington Town 1. That's 3 wins on the run. Better than the run Man U are having.

20 March 2009

The weekend starts here

We went into Manchester after school for a quick shop in Primark for Jess. This evening Avi and I went to friends from church for our round robin meal, they are always good evenings, it's good having a social evening with people you usually just say hello to at church.
Saturday will be my last time at a Warrington Town game for a few weeks so it's an away game at Trafford, Mick and I know how to live the high life don't we.

19 March 2009

No Grapes Please

When I go into isolation I will not be allowed any salad or any fruit that can't be peeled because of the chance of bacteria on the skin (sounds good so far), hospital have a very strick food rule in the transplant area, most food is cooked in the transplant unit.
I have been advised that when I go in I can only take new books, not any borrowed from friends or the library, I am not even allowed flowers (you can smuggle chocolates to Averil though).

If you are moved to send me gifts but can't because of health reasons please feel free to make a small donation to my friends Cancer research sponsor form for "race for life" http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/dianesouthworth1

I know I have mentioned this before but the only reason I can have this treatment is because of Cancer Research.

18 March 2009

Water water everywhere

Seems as though we have been here before. From Friday I have to drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day ready for samples and chemo, have been to hospital for a 24 hour sample bottle for Sunday (sure you can work the size out). Anyway I saw the nurse for the bottle and she recognized me and said "You're-In next week" I replied with "No, ur-ine Sunday" ---- sorry, the jokes don't get any better.

17 March 2009

In on Monday

I have had a call from the hospital today confirming Monday as my start day. Monday will be blood tests and doctors with the chemo probably starting on Wednesday depending on results.
Thanks for your continued blogging, prayers and support, we do appreciate it.

16 March 2009

Lovely weekend

Doesn't the sunshine give you that feel good factor. A weekend being out and about and enjoying the weather has been a great tonic ending with a Durban curry and a Chimenea, life isn't too bad.

Durban Curry Recipe:- http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/583961

13 March 2009

Have a heart

It's official, I have seen it working, I had the echocardiogram, ECG and respiratory tests this morning. It was interesting seeing and hearing my heart working, apparently it's working well. The respiratory test was hard just as GP Runner had warned me, if the man doing the test had just said blow so hard until it feels as though your eyes are popping out and you go light headed and feel as though you are going to faint I would have got it right first time. The tests seem to have gone ok, I am now just waiting for confirmation and a date.

11 March 2009

Provisional Transplant Date

I have been given a very very tentative date for transplant, the earliest possible date to go in will be Monday 23rd March. This date is variable because of my tests on Friday and because I will be waiting for an isolation ward to become free, let's pray for the person in the room now to make a very fast recovery.

9 March 2009


As chocolate seems to have become a bit of a theme on my blog, I have decided to run a popularity poll on favourite chocolate bars. I need your help, I need 6 chocolate bar names to vote on (only one per person Diane). I will set up the poll from now till Easter.

Ps. For clarification chocolate bar or packet of chocolate.

8 March 2009


Have received my Echocardiogram, Spiro and ECG appointments for Friday morning, what's a spiro I hear you ask, answers on the comments section please, I am sure GP Runner will know, I will let you know when I find out.

7 March 2009

The Lake District

We left for the Lakes (via School for Jess) at 8 and had a great day in sunny, cold Cumbria. After spending a couple of hours in Windermere we traveled North to Mungrisdale near Keswick for lunch in the Mill Inn sampling their award winning pie (directions or Pie web site on request) returning home later via Keswick and Bowness. Just what the doctor ordered.

5 March 2009

48 hours

Maybe my immune system is better than I thought, 48 hours and it seems my cold is on it's way out.
We are off to the Lakes tomorrow to take in the fresh air while we still can before the isolation.

4 March 2009

Full of a cold

Over Tuesday and Wednesday I have been full of a cold and a bad throat, most of the last 2 days have been spent resting and drinking lemsip and honey, seems to have done the trick, I feel lots better now.

2 March 2009

10 Days later

10 Days after Avi fell in the shower her arm is still badly bruised, (still ok to paint though). It makes a change from me going on about me doesn't it!!!!!!!

1 March 2009

Value For Money

Another day at Chester Zoo using the membership cards we bought as our Christmas Presents, fantastic value when you feel you can just call for a couple of hours, it's a nice place to go for some exercise. My pedometer says I am doing about 7500 steps (about 3 miles) per day, its hard work because of back pain and I need lots of stops but it's worth the effort. May as well make the most of walking now because I wont get much chance when I am locked in my hospital room for 3 weeks (wont need a pedometer I will be able to keep count on a 5 bar gate). I went to the zoo with Rachael today and when I got home Averil was half way into painting the hall, she's good, glad Avi loves painting because I really don't.

27 February 2009

Perfect day

I have Saturday sorted, football in the afternoon (come on Warrington) and a curry in the evening. PERFECT

26 February 2009

Killing Time

It's hard work this waiting game, I'm not expecting to hear anything till mid next week about my transplant dates but knowing can't come soon enough. The waiting was made easier today by having lunch in Coniston with Ann. It's a hard life at times.

25 February 2009

Blog gremlin is fixed

The fault on the blog comments section is now fixed. Please blog to your hearts content.

24 February 2009


Thanks to all of you for looking, blogging and emailing, I feel that I am now half way ish through but still with a long way to go, with your support I hope the future will be a successful.
Some of you have said there has been a problem leaving blogs over the last few days, please keep trying but if you have a problem please email me your blog at ivan.thomason@ntlworld.com and I will add it with your name.
I think that all your comments makes the blog better for everyone reading it.
Thanks again IVAN

23 February 2009

News from The Hospital

I have just had a call from the Stem Cell Transplant coordinator and she and the Prof are happy with the amount of cells harvested, they are trying to get me in for the transplant soon after the 3 weeks that I now have to have away from chemo. Just think, I could be home soon after Easter.

21 February 2009

Not to be out done

Photo of Avi having her arm bandaged by my nurse in hospital after falling in the shower.

20 February 2009


I have just got the results. This morning the amount of blood required was revised to 3.5 units, they have collected 3.4 units but have been told that 3.4 will be ok, it just now needs confirming by the prof on Monday. Thanks everyone for your support. Watch this space for details on Monday.

From Hospital

Have had my blood checked and the cells are ready for harvesting. Not sure if we will get enough today but if not we will get more tomorrow.

Bad sleep

Great news, I had a terrible sleep with pain in all the right places. Sure those cells are in the departure lounge. Watch this space tonight.

19 February 2009

Waiting game

I was really hoping for the cells today but it wasn't to be, the good news is that there was a trickle of stem cells today which is a trickle more Wednesday. Last month, the day after a trickle there was a flood so bring out the ARK.
I am sure you are all thinking what happens if they don't get them on Friday, SO AM I, it will be down to plan "B", what's plan B I hear you ask, I will tell you tomorrow.

18 February 2009


Same again, let's pray for the bad back tonight.

17 February 2009


Blood tests this morning but not enough cells yet, early start Wednesday with blood tests at 8.45. Last time it was Thursday before cells were ready so Wednesday would be a bonus. Watch this space. Thanks for taking me today Fran and thanks in advance Ann for Wednesday. Where would we be without friends and family and all you bloggers.

16 February 2009


8.45 to hospital for blood tests, no results, its just used as a bench mark for tomorrows blood test to see if there are extra cells on Tuesday. After hospital Jess and I went to the zoo for an hour followed by MacDonalds. Not a bad day, lets see what Tuesday brings.

13 February 2009

Injection Time

Its that time again, I had my first injection this morning and give them again Saturday and Sunday before blood tests on Monday at 9.00. I think the first possible day for the Stem cells to be ready to harvest will be Wednesday, (Tuesday would be great) last time it was Thursday but who knows. Please all Pray for the sooner the better, (for those who don't normally pray why not give it a go.)

11 February 2009


If you read the blog you will see that I have been advised to eat chocolate by Diane, I have had some Thornton's chocolate and feel much better, Diane is a fellow cancer sufferer so she knows what she is on about.
see below for Diane's sponsorship form link.

10 February 2009

The Day After

This afternoon was a quiet one after yesterdays chemo, just like last month it was hard to motivate. Tomorrows another day.

9 February 2009

What A Drip

So after another 3000mg of chemo I am feeling fine but a little tired, think its an early night for me. The next step is the injections starting Friday. So if you were wondering what a bag of chemo looks like now you know (it is light sensitive so thats why it has it's black bag).

8 February 2009


So Its chemo again tomorrow, will the hair come out totally this time? At the moment I shower in the morning and then Gel my hair so that what is left stays for the day, Works for me.

6 February 2009

Here we go again

Have been to hospital this morning for next weeks prescription and to sign chemo consent forms.
This next few weeks is a replay of the weeks begining 4th Jan, please pray for the same result with a least another 2.2 units of stem cells.

3 February 2009

Hard 2 Swallow

Next Monday is chemo day, will be in hospital on Thursday for blood tests and Friday for chemo consent forms. This morning I woke with a sore throat, not what we need, I have phoned my Macmillan Nurse and he said to get to hospital if temp gets up to 37.5, thankfully it's 36.4 at the moment. Today is now a keep warm day so that's what I am doing.

1 February 2009


Had a great weekend in Jersey, just what the doctor ordered, feel free to have a look at the photos on the right.

30 January 2009

New Myeloma Drugs

New drugs for myeloma treatment. From where I am sitting it looks like a great decision. (Please click on the link below) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7859053.stm

28 January 2009

Cancer Research

Where would I be now without Cancer Research??? My friend Diane has been there and done/doing it. Diane is taking part in the July "Run For Life" for cancer research. Please consider sponsoring her when you read this blog and think of the work cancer research does. The medication I have been on for the last 6 months wasn't even licences this time last year. Last year Diane raised £1000 in the Run For Life, just think, it takes 80 Dianes collecting £1000 each to fund a Stem Cell Transplant. Thanks Diane. Diane's sponsor page address is: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/dianesouthworth1 please click on the link and have a read, you know you should.

26 January 2009

Bad Hair Day

I thought I was having a bad hair day!!!!
We took this photo at Risley Moss on Saturday but couldn't identify the bird, we emailed friends and family for help, we had several suggestions but no real idea. A Prof friend of my brothers is an ornithologist and he has come up with the definitive answer, I have posted it on the comment section.

24 January 2009

Hair today Gone tomorrow

The time has come for the hair to start falling out, I was told on the 5th that it would fall out 10 days after the chemo, 20 days later it's on it's way out.

22 January 2009

Passing The Time

We were thinking of how to fill the time between now and the next chemo on the 9th Feb (I know that my friend Diane would book a trip on the Orient Express), we have decided to book a weekend in Jersey 30th Jan to the 1st Feb. Sounds the perfect tonic. Thanks To EasyJet.

20 January 2009

Stem Cell count

I have had the stem cell count from the hospital. 4 Units of cells are required, 2.2 units were collected leaving 1.8 units to collect in a few weeks. I am comfy with the amount collected knowing that over half are already frozen and ready for the transplant.

17 January 2009

Cell Separating Machine

This is the Cell Separating machine that I was piped up to for 3 hours 30 on Thursday and 5 hours 50 on Friday. The blood is taken from the left arm, circulates through the machine where the cells are separated (some how) and then the cleaned blood is returned to the right arm leaving stem cells and plasma in bags at the top. It takes about 100 minutes for all blood to circulate through the machine and back into the body each time collecting some cells. At the end of the session the Stem cells and plasma are frozen to be used during the transplant.

16 January 2009

Stem Cells

After 8 and a half hours on the Cell Separating Machine at Liverpool Royal it would appear that about 75% of the stem cells required have been harvested (amount to be confirmed)if this is confirmed and we don't have enough I am tentatively booked in to start the process again with Chemo on 9th February and harvesting the following week. The collected cells will be frozen so not as many are needed next time.

15 January 2009

More Prayers

Last nights prayers worked and I had a bad back by 2.00am can we all pray as hard (or harder) tonight please. They managed to harvest cells today but not enough so another injection and harvest again tomorrow. If they can't get enough tomorrow they will freeze what they have and aim to do the whole proceedure again in a month to get the rest.

14 January 2009

Pray for Back Ache

Blood tests today but little change so it's another injection and back to Liverpool in the morning. Thanks Ann for driving daily, I think your car knows it's own way. Please all pray for me to have Bad Back Ache tonight, strange request I Know but its because a bad back is a major symptom of Stem Cell Activity.

13 January 2009

Harvest is a moveable feast

Been for more blood tests today but as expected there aren't enough cells yet. Had another injection of growth factor today and more tests tomorrow. Wednesday, Thursday of Friday were always the expected days for harvesting so watch this space.

12 January 2009

Blood Tests

Had 4 injections so far and a blood test this morning, more blood tests tomorrow and a slight chance of starting the Stem Cell Harvesting depending on the results. More likely Wed or Thu.

11 January 2009

Best Therapy

I can't think of a better therapy than booking our August holiday to South Africa, A week is booked at Ngwenya Lodge near Kruger Park with another week in the same area (to be arranged) I plan to spend my first week in Cape Town. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

10 January 2009

Stem Cell Transplant Information

For those of you wondering what is involved with a stem cell transplant I have included a link for you to follow (please click on the link below)

9 January 2009


First injection this morning, mind over matter, no problem, just waiting for any side effects to growth factor.

8 January 2009

Bad Back to come

Have been told that the injections starting tomorrow will give me back pain as the bone marrow starts producing cells ready to harvest. Not sure which cells they are (I know they are Stem Cells) Can I have some help on this please GP Runner.

7 January 2009

All Going Well

Spoke to my Macmillan Nurse today, (great bloke shame he supports Liverpool), He said to cut back on the water or my bladder will burst.Ha Ha
The first day that I met Jamie I knew that we would get on, a fantastic support, just what I need, silly humour, (thats good coming from me isn't it).

6 January 2009

A Funny Day

Don't know how I should feel and not sure how I do feel. Think I feel fine without the get up and go, think it got up and went.

5 January 2009

Sponsored Head Shave

Had Chemo today, in the past my chemo dose has been 500mg todays one off dose was 3000mg so my thoughts are:-
If I was going to do a sponsored Head Shave the next 5 days would be a good time otherwise probably too late. Feeling fine after the chemo, no side effects (YET)!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Ann for taking me to hospital and for lunch and MORE WATER!!!!!!!

4 January 2009

Start the treatment

Woke up this morning feeling great, (would you believe it, just as the treatment starts I wake with no back pain).
Took new tablets which will stop me feeling sick, but I don't feel sick, (are they trying to tell me something?) anyway its chemo tomorrow so lets see what happens. Couldn't wait around all day thinking about it so we went to the zoo, "FANTASTIC"

Church Notice

From St Mary Magdaline's notice sheet:-
Pray for Ivan as he begins his stem cell treatment, for strength for the next few weeks and months and for Averil and Jess.

3 January 2009

Another Glass Of Water Please

Maybe we should all try this, we think we drink lots of water, but when its compulsary and have to drink 2.5/3 letres a day for medical (Chemo)reasons you realise how hard it is.

2 January 2009

Happy New Year

Started the day going to Liverpool Royal for blood tests and Consent form signing, It all seemed far away before Christmas but now its for real, the tablets start on Sunday and the Chemo Monday, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!